Lending company grants a loan even without bank statements.

The banks are very conscientious when it comes to granting a loan. Nothing is given away here and every application is checked very carefully. In order to be able to carry out the best possible verification, the banks need meaningful documents that show the financial status of the borrower.

This includes, among other things, the bank statements, which should show all income and expenses. If these are not available, it may well happen that the bank initially rejects a loan application and insists on the submission of the statements. But what to do if you don’t have them on hand? How can you still get a loan without bank statements?

The bank has its reasons

The bank has its reasons

It is not without reason that banks request account statements when applying for a loan. Many consumers try to “sneak up” a loan. They are not entirely honest when it comes to declaring their financial circumstances, not disclosing expenses or not being too precise with their income.

A bank statement is therefore almost the only way for banks to really be able to check all income and expenditure. If you cannot or do not want to present them, you should avoid taking out an installment loan from a bank with a branch. It is better to look for an instant loan that is granted over the Internet.

The speed is crucial

The speed is crucial

Because with an instant loan, speed counts. Here the bank does not have forever to examine all documents in detail. Rather, it has to make a decision quickly, otherwise it would not be an instant loan. So if you are looking for a loan without bank statements, you should use this option.

A quick credit decision does not mean that the bank does not check anything at all. Despite this, the Credit Bureau is queried and the borrower has to provide information on his income and marital status. In addition, instant loans are usually only given as small loans. Large sums cannot therefore be expected.

And if you don’t want to take out an instant loan, you have to negotiate with the bank. Maybe you are lucky and she also gets involved in other documents that can prove your income as well as your expenses. However, it should not be easy to give the bank a plausible reason for refusing to provide bank statements.

After all, everyone needs to have an account to take out a loan. And this account includes bank statements. Even if you have misplaced them, you can request new statements from the bank or print out the account history via online banking. A credit without bank statements does not have to be.

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