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Loans without permanent employment; Borrowing money directly

Need to borrow money, but lack a permanent job? Borrowing money without permanent employment is definitely not impossible, although it makes it somewhat more difficult to get a loan unlike if you have permanent employment.

When you apply for a loan, a credit check is made, which simply involves assessing your ability to pay now and in the future. The most important things that affect your creditworthiness, and which come into play when you apply for a loan with no permanent employment, are your annual income, your debts, and any payment remarks.

The banks and lenders simply want to make sure that you have the option to repay the loan according to the plan. By conducting a credit report and assessing your credit rating, they analyze the risk of lending money to you. The more things you can present that show that you will be able to repay the loan without any problem means lower risk to the lender.

This is how you take out loans without permanent employment

This is how you take out loans without permanent employment

There are several different types of employment and sources of income. There are many lenders in the market today who do not stare blindly at your past payment history (such as payment remarks) or permanent employment. They only want to make sure that you receive money regularly so that you can repay the loan when you apply for a loan without permanent employment. Thus, they can accept other forms of income. Here are the most common types of employment and income that lenders usually accept when assessing your credit rating:

Project employment. You have a work contract for a limited period of time, for example, a year. This should mean that you can take out a smaller loan that is paid off during that time.

Income from the pension. Although many lenders have an age limit on their loans, there are some who accept pensions as income and grant loans without permanent employment.

Income from studies. Tuition is an income and is often enough to take out a smaller loan. However, we do not recommend that you borrow money if you are a student – you probably already have a student loan so you risk double indebtedness and high repayments in the future.

Income from A-cash. The A-cash is also counted as income when you apply for a loan without permanent employment. Again, we raise a warning finger. If you completely lack employment and income, it is better to lower your expenses and only borrow money in the event of an emergency and then only very small amounts that you can pay off quickly.

The most important thing is to take the time and compare loans and lenders if you have no permanent employment. The purpose is to find those who help clients who do not have permanent employment or have other factors that cause the major banks to refuse the loan.

Loans that can be taken out without permanent employment

Loans that can be taken out without permanent employment

Most loan forms, except for some of the very smallest mortgages, require some form of regular income. This is necessary so that the lender can feel confident that you will pay your monthly bills without any problems. Here we go through different types of loans and what usually applies when you borrow without permanent employment.

SMS loans and fast loans without permanent employment. These types of loans are smaller, fast loans with amounts up to USD 10,000. They are characterized by having very generous conditions for signing the loan and shorter repayment periods. For example, a very low SMS loan of USD 1,000 can have a repayment period of only one month.

In order to take out quick loans without permanent employment, it is usually sufficient that you have income from work, pension or unemployment insurance of USD 50,000 per year.

Private loans without permanent employment

Private loans without permanent employment

A private loan is a slightly larger loan that is taken out without collateral. They are usually offered up to USD 500,000, but the most common amounts are around USD 30,000. It can be a loan for a slightly larger investment, such as a new washing machine or a used car. Here, the income requirements are slightly higher. We usually see income requirements of USD 100,000 per year for this type of loan, from work, pension, a-cash or similar.

Account credit without permanent employment. An account credit is a current credit that is always available to avail when needed. You can be granted a credit up to, say, USD 40,000 and then withdraw money from it whenever you want.

The credit is then repaid monthly until the debt is repaid. Signing up for an account credit without permanent employment is more difficult because the credit runs on until further notice, whereupon the lender wants you to always be able to repay it when you choose to withdraw money.

We, therefore, recommend that you primarily look at alternatives other than bank credit without permanent employment if you want to borrow money without permanent employment. In addition, if you do not have permanent employment, it is generally a bad idea to debt yourself and cover up the loss of income by borrowing money.

Content of the loan agreement

We know that many borrowers do not care very much about reading the loan agreement particularly carefully. Often you just check that the loan amount, maturity and interest rate are correct, then you sign. And then maybe there will come a day when you are forced to make a payment a few weeks late and then you are surprised by the high delay fees and the interest rate. So they can’t do this? you think, but then you check the loan agreement a little more carefully and then you see that they can certainly do.

This is just one example of why it might be good to read through the loan agreement. Another example is that you invoke the fourteen-day right of withdrawal one or two days late because you thought it started to apply only when you first got your loan, not when you signed your loan agreement.

This should include a loan agreement

This should include a loan agreement

Now we at Good Credit will show you what should be included in all loan agreements so you can get a better picture of what it contains for important information.

Everyone who takes out a loan, whether it is a sms loan or any other loan, has the right to get a copy of the loan agreement, either in paper form or in digital format, for example as a PDF file. You also have the right to receive advance information before you sign an agreement.

This should include a loan agreement

This should include a loan agreement

Info about what kind of credit it is. Is it an account credit, a bank loan (unsecured loan) or a loan that requires security?

How much loan amount (in case of a loan) or credit limit (in case of credit for credit) is all about.

The maturity must also be clearly stated. When it comes to account credit, it must state what repayment requirements apply, which is usually the same as showing how much you have to pay back at least every month. Often this is about a certain percentage of the amount spent that does not fall below a certain amount. Example: Pay at least 10% of the amount used each month but never less than USD 300 / month.

The size of your installments must be clearly stated in a payment plan, as well as how many installments are involved and when they will be paid.

If you have the opportunity to receive one or more installment-free months, it should be stated, as well as information about what it means in practice in terms of loan cost and maturity.

Information on the loan’s interest rate, ie the nominal interest rate (annual interest rate) and the effective interest rate. It must also be stated if the interest rate is fixed or variable. In the case of sms and fast loans, the interest rate is usually fixed, which means that it does not change during the term, while ordinary private loans often have variable interest rates. If the interest rate is variable, it must be stated how it can be changed in relation to the reference rate and when this can be done. It must also be stated under which conditions the interest rate can be changed.

Information about the fees the loan has, such as the set-up fee, the installment fee, interest on late payment and delay fees and reminder fees. It must also state what conditions must be met for any change in the fees.

The total amount you have to repay must also be included in the loan agreement, ie all the loan costs plus what you have borrowed.

If someone has taken out a loan for you

If someone has taken out a loan for you

Information about the right of withdrawal for the loan and villa conditions must be met in order for you to avail of it. In short, you can say that the right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days from the day you sign your loan agreement (not from the moment you got your loan) and then you have 30 days to repay everything. Of course, you get to pay interest for the period you have access to the loan but all other fees you have paid you get back.

You always have the right to redeem your loan early and this should be stated in the loan agreement. If the lender is entitled to interest rate differential compensation, it should be stated how it is calculated, but this is most common for mortgages, not for loans without collateral.

Information about the conditions under which the lender is entitled to terminate your loan, for example, if you failed to repay your repayments on several occasions. The conditions for termination are statutory and cannot be done in any case. Please read about what applies in our article about when a lender can terminate your loan.

Private Loans – Small Loans

By private loan we usually mean a loan taken by a private person without having to put anything as collateral for the loan. A mortgage with the home as collateral is thus not a private loan. The fact that the private loan is a loan with no collateral means that it is a loan with a loan , and the loan with a loan tends to have higher effective interest rates than loans with collateral. In Sweden, you can borrow a lot of money without collateral, provided that you meet the lender’s requirements in the credit assessment. There are plenty of banks and other lending institutions that lend up to USD 350,000 in private loans if you have a sufficiently high income and organized personal finances. Criticism at

Compared to a mortgage loan, the private loan often has a short repayment period. There is no statutory mortgage repayment requirement, but it is very uncommon for lenders to offer mortgage-free private mortgages. On the contrary, it is usually required to repay the loan at a comparatively rapid rate. This should be taken into account before applying for a private loan. How tight is your monthly budget at present? Will you be able to make a payment every month – even if there is an unexpected dentist bill, there is a mistake on the car or you suffer several unpaid waiting days during the month?


Apply for a private loan

Apply for a private loan

Today, there is a very large collection of lenders in the Swedish market that offer private loans. It is a good idea to be a critical consumer and compare the various terms offered, so that you can find the best loan. Do not assume that the bank you are a customer of automatically will be best for you – especially if you do not negotiate the loan. Sometimes it pays to be “unfaithful” to their bank and have their private loan with another lender.


Trade union loan

Trade union loan

Trade union loan is a private loan whose terms a trade union has negotiated for its members. If you are a member of a trade union and need a private loan, it may be an idea to check which or which lenders the trade union cooperates with, and what terms are offered for a private loan through the union.

The vast majority of Swedish unions cooperate with at least one lender who offers union member loans in the range USD 20,000 – USD 350,000. The exact limits vary between the different loans, for example, with some unions, the lowest limit is USD 25,000 instead of USD 20,000.

You must undergo the usual credit assessment even for union member loans and there is no guarantee that you will be granted your loan application. Credit information is made and the request information is registered.

Banks grant loans for distance learning.

With a credit for distance learning, more and more Germans are funding their education and training. Depending on the educational goal, age and other criteria, borrowing in different sizes and from different providers makes sense. The article gives the interested reader details.

Credit for distance learning – Student German State Funding

Credit for distance learning - Student German State Funding

A credit for distance learning enables you to improve career opportunities. Investing in an additional qualification pays off at almost any age. The higher income to be expected will later compensate for the cost of education. The bottom line is that successful graduates of distance learning expect social prestige and a significantly improved income. The future investment has paid off.

The amount and design of the funding requests for this project are as varied as the courses on offer. A loan that would be the right one for everyone does not yet exist. The Student German State Funding is recommended as a source of funding for the first full-time course. Further information on this financing offer can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Programs of the Cream Bank

Programs of the Cream Bank

Anyone who falls through the grid at the Student German State Funding does not have to do without state support for distance learning. Cream bank beckons with the education loan and the master German State Funding. The education loan is primarily intended for students in the last phase of their studies. It is granted regardless of one’s own income or parental income.

It is important for students who are already related to the German State Funding that the Cream bank loan is granted in addition to the German State Funding. Although no collateral is required, this distance learning loan offers the dream interest rate of 1.33 percent APR.

A modern distance learning academy offers a variety of achievable study goals. This means that not only can academic training take place, but also training to become a master. This master’s degree can be achieved full-time with the Meister-German State Funding from Cream bank. In addition to training, Cream bank also finances living expenses during the full-time measure.

In addition to the non-repayable government grants for the master’s degree, if successful completion, handsome gifts. Those who pass the exam may already consider a partial amount of the loan as paid. Those who subsequently choose the path to independence and create jobs can cut up to 66 percent of the remaining payment obligation.

Distance learning alongside work

Distance learning alongside work

A full-time course is of course not the only option for distance learning. Many people study, even though they continue to work. They hardly need any funding in the first and middle phase of their studies. Ongoing fees and the cost of living are covered by income.

It is only at the end of the course that it becomes difficult, the examination fees or the masterpiece strain the budget. A credit for distance learning is required. In this case, a normal small loan from the Internet is enough to master this difficult phase.

Students often ignorant of loan terms.

Loan for students

Loan for students

A researched students who borrow money in addition to their student finance. On average, students borrow 365 USD per month, but are often ignorant of the loan conditions and options for surcharges and tax refunds.

Research among 3,000 students by the National Institute for Budgetary Information (Nibud) has shown that students borrow an average of 365 USD per month, but often know little about loan conditions and possibilities for tax refunds and surcharges. As a result, students miss out on a lot of money and are left with high debts. More than a third of all HBO and WO students borrow money through the Education Executive Agency (Binary Lender). After four years of study, this results in an average student loan of 17,500 USD.

Students are not  informed about loan conditions

Students are not  informed about loan conditions

It is striking that almost a fifth of the students do not receive a health care allowance and more than 10% do not file a tax return. In addition, students are very poorly informed about the loan conditions. For example, a quarter do not know how high the interest they pay and some think that borrowing from Binary Lender is free. Half of the students surveyed also do not know that they already pay interest on their debt during their studies. However, most students are not at all concerned about whether they can ever pay off their debt.

In total, more than a third of the 650,000 higher education students borrow extra money in addition to their student finance from Binary Lender. 55% of the 3,000 respondents think that Binary Lender makes it too easy for them to borrow money. It is possible to receive hundreds of USD per month within a few mouse clicks.

The possibilities for income such as surcharges and tax refunds are also unknown to many students. About 120,000 students do not receive a health care allowance while they are entitled to it. In addition, a quarter of the students do not file a tax return and thus leave the opportunity on a lot of money. Partly due to the low income from side jobs, students can often reclaim a large part of their payroll tax.

Yet saving is also quite popular with students, more than two-thirds of the students save 100 USD per month and have around 4,500 USD in a savings account. It is remarkable that half of the students save with a loan at the same time.

Avail the fast credit with payment in 24 hours.


An unexpected and temporary invoice flutters into the house. The account is empty, the overdraft facility has been exhausted. The only solution would be a 24 hour payout loan. Advertising at least promises this quick credit. But what is actually behind it, can such a loan be realized?

The history of a credit with a payout in 24 hours

The history of a credit with a payout in 24 hours

Even if the technical requirements were met to approve a loan with payment in 24 hours, it is not legally possible. Banks are required to check the creditworthiness of the customer and not only the income they mean, but also the Credit Bureau before a loan approval is made. Credit Bureau introduces itself as a credit bureau and collects data that its contractual partners such as banks, telephone companies and mail order companies pass on to them.

It doesn’t just happen that way, it reports a customer’s payment irregularities. An invoice was dunned, the customer does not respond, a legal reminder is issued with the result of a negative entry. The customer should know that not all entries are negative. A credit is entered in the Credit Bureau, a manual contract. As long as the customer pays his installments or liabilities correctly, the entry remains positive.

However, if there are rate shifts, rate suspensions, reminders with attachment or an enforcement notice, the entry becomes negative. The customer’s creditworthiness is ruined, and a loan from a normal bank will then hardly be possible. This is why the Credit Bureau query is so important for banks that they can use it to assess the default risk of a loan.

If the customer now wants a loan with payment in 24 hours, he must first look for a provider who has it in the program. During his search, he will find advertisements that read lightning credits in 30 minutes, loans with lightning transfer or the like. Such a loan cannot be checked and approved in such a fast time. If the customer is considering an online loan, there is a post between the loan approval and the payment.

There is no bank that does not check the creditworthiness of its customer. Therefore, the loan seeker must present proof of salary to prove his income. Some banks also require bank statements. The period is limited to the last three months. The Postident procedure must also be carried out at Swiss Post. A person recognition is thus carried out. With this form and the creditworthiness documents as well as the signed loan agreement, the postal service comes into play.

The bank will carry out the Credit Bureau query itself, but it should also be planned. If the Credit Bureau is clean, no negative entries such as reminders, foreclosures or attachments are noted, a loan with payment can be approved in 24 hours.

The customer can contribute to the speed himself. He ensures that he has all the documents together so that there is no need to inquire and brings them to the post quickly. Most banks also send ready-made credit documents with the loan application, which the customer also sends by post. The longer the customer waits, the longer the loan with payment will take in 24 hours.

Even if the required credit documents are sent away as soon as possible, at least two days must be scheduled before the loan approval is given. After that, the loan will be paid out in 24 hours.

The really quick loan

The really quick loan

The customer can quickly have a loan if he uses his overdraft facility. Banks grant their solvent customers a free-standing credit facility. Depending on how high the income is and how regularly it is received, the bank approves up to three net monthly salaries. For example, anyone who earns 3,000 USD net could have a disposition over 9,000 USD.

However, this loan is very expensive, an interest rate of up to 15% is expected. If the credit line granted is now overdrawn, the bank charges another 5% interest. A handsome interest charge. For this reason, the overdraft facility is only intended for short-term use. It is assumed that if it is returned within three months, the overdraft facility would be a good solution.

Many customers use the overdraft facility like an installment loan, some even make a living from it. In this way, more and more debts are accumulated until the bank cancels the overdraft facility or suggests converting it into a payout loan in 24 hours. Customers whose bank requires a high overdraft facility should consider switching banks, as this can save them cash.

The other way to get a loan with payment in 24 hours is to apply for a loan from a branch bank, for example from the house bank. Here, too, the customer should bring all documents to prove his creditworthiness and a valid ID card. The bank checks the Credit Bureau, is it ok and is the income high enough and has been in permanent employment for at least one year, so a loan can be approved immediately.

The customer can receive the money in cash or have it transferred to his account. However, with such a quick loan approval, there will only be a small loan. Pensioners should know that they can also get a loan with a payout in 24 hours if they have not reached the age of 70 and the pension is acceptable.  After the loan approval, the payment will then be made to the customer’s account within 24 hours.

The credit rating

The credit rating

But what can the customer do if he has a bad credit rating, for example through negative entries in his Credit Bureau, he will not receive a loan with payment in 24 hours from a conventional bank. The risk of default is too high for the banks, since the Credit Bureau shows that the customer has payment difficulties, they reject the loan.

For this group of people there are Credit Bureau-free loans that can be processed by a credit broker. A serious broker can still find a loan for his customer, especially in difficult cases. However, the customer pays commission to the agent.

The funds come mainly from Liechtenstein and since 2010 Litebank has been the market leader for Credit Bureau-free loans. However, only two loan amounts are approved, one for 3,500 USD and one for 5,000 USD. The loan terms for both loans are 40 months, the interest rate is around 11-12%. The customer should have a sufficiently high income that is above the garnishment exemption limit. He must have a permanent position that is not limited.


Personal loan – Lending honest about borrowing money online.

A personal loan is a suitable form of borrowing money for people who are looking for security. With a personal loan you choose a loan with a fixed interest and a fixed term. You therefore know in advance how long you are “attached” to the loan. This is nice if you take out a loan.

Personal loan Revolving credit Mini loan
From 4.1% From 4.5% Borrow a maximum of $ 1500
Fixed interest variable interest No BKR testing
from 21 to 69 years old from 21 to 69 years old from 21 to 70 years old
Payment within 2 days Payment within 2 days Payment within 24 hours
Apply for a personal loan Apply for revolving credit Apply for a mini loan

Benefits of a personal loan

Benefits of a personal loan

As already indicated in the first sentence, the most important advantage of borrowing money in the form of a personal loan is security. You know in advance how long your loan will last, and what you will have to pay in total for the loan.
This gives you all the security you could wish for.

Another additional advantage is that the loan can now also be repaid fine-free with almost all providers. This was different in the past, if you still have an “old” personal loan, it is wise to look at this before you start paying off your loan.

Borrowing money in the form of a personal loan can also provide you with additional benefits. But only if you are going to use the loan for home improvement, actually a kind of renovation loan. If you do this, you can in many cases settle the interest with your income tax. This can save you up to about 50% of the interest you pay. Definitely something to take into account.

Disadvantages of a personal loan

Disadvantages of a personal loan

In addition to advantages, a personal loan also has disadvantages. Although this has all gotten a lot better with the omission of the penalty interest at most providers.

The only drawback of the personal loan is that if you have just applied for a shortfall, you have to apply for a loan again. Unlike the revolving credit, you have no money to spare. This may therefore mean that you have to apply for a new loan again. With the accompanying paperwork.

Personal loan and the BKR

Personal loan and the BKR

A personal loan is a form of credit that will be registered with the BKR by all lenders. Rightly so. Borrowing money without BKR testing is therefore not possible with a personal loan. In the case of the personal loan, unlike the revolving credit, the net amount (the amount that you have borrowed) is not stated on the BKR. But the amount including all interest to be paid by you in the term.

For example, if you take out a loan of $ 10,000 and you have to pay $ 2,000 in interest during the term, the loan will be registered with a revolving credit for $ 10,000, but with a personal loan for $ 12,000.  In itself not a disaster, of course, but something you should know in advance. A good credit advisor will also draw your attention to this before taking out the loan.

Is a personal loan cheap to borrow money?

Is a personal <a href=loan cheap to borrow money?” width=”640″ height=”640″ />

Whether a personal loan is cheap money borrowing depends on a number of factors. It is true that a personal loan is slightly more expensive in terms of interest than a revolving credit. With a personal loan, the bank has to buy the money for a longer period. This is not the case with revolving credit. A personal loan will therefore always have a slightly higher interest rate.

The modular loan for a property purchase

When you take out a mortgage, it is sometimes possible to choose a flexible loan. But what is the point of such a loan and how does it work in practice?

The interest of the modular loan

The <a href=interest of the modular loan” />

This is a mortgage, the rate of which remains fixed, but the monthly payments can be revised down as well as up depending on the vagaries of life. It therefore opens up the possibility for the subscriber to modify his repayments, giving him considerable flexibility compared to a conventional loan. The main advantage of this type of loan is its ability to adapt to your income. Thus, in the event of a change in your situation, for example following a dismissal or a separation, which result in a reduction in your income, the freedom to modulate the loan is a real asset. Similarly, in the opposite direction, if your income increases or you benefit from a cash inflow, you can increase your monthly payment. Generally, each monthly payment can vary between 10 and 30%.

What can we modulate?

What can we modulate?

Several elements can be modified with a flexible loan. On the one hand, it is the due date, which consists of being able to increase or decrease the amount of the monthly payments. This therefore affects the duration of the loan. So, if you choose to increase your monthly payment, the repayment will be faster. On the other hand, the due date can be postponed, which allows the repayment of monthly payments to be suspended for a few months, an option which depending on the contract is possible between 6 and 24 months. Such flexibility makes it possible to cope with unforeseen events in life, such as a dismissal. Finally, early repayment is also possible for part of the loan. But it is necessary to check the conditions of his contract, because certain increases in reimbursement may then be required.

It is therefore important to seek advice from your broker, who will take your needs and constraints into account. He can then offer you a loan adapted to your situation, drawing on a large panel of partner banks.

Civil servants’ loans remain particularly popular.

Credit crisis or not

Credit crisis or not,

The Civil Service Loan has continued to gain in popularity since its introduction in 2007. The Civil Servants Loan is a special loan for (semi-) civil servants in which banks lend money at a more favorable rate due to the better payment morality of civil servants.

“The Civil Service Loan is a real success that even exceeded our expectations, officials seem to want to take advantage of the lowest possible interest on a revolving credit,” said Richard Juego of Good Finance, who introduced the Civil Service Loan in the Netherlands last year.

Many other credit providers try to take advantage of the success and advertise on the internet around the keyword “Civil servants loan”, Good Finance does not seem to worry about this yet: “We see this as a compliment and a bit of recognition for the Civil servants loan. As far as we know, there are no other companies that have a Civil Service Loan. It is also not a general loan form such as a revolving credit or personal loan. We have come up with a civil servant loan and it is a trade name of ours. ”

Request through spokesperson

The Across Lender site also states, on request, through their spokesperson, that it has noticed a significant increase in the number of visitors, as well as an increasing interest in the Civil Service Loan. “Credit crisis or not, people continue to search for the most interesting loan for them. Officials are clearly looking for a loan specifically for civil servants in hopes of more favorable terms, ”said the spokesman.

The success of the Civil Service Loan seems to stem from the fact that banks prefer to lend money to an official or semi-official because of their good payment behavior. As a result, the Dutch civil servant benefits from more favorable conditions, such as lower interest rates.

Just like other consumers in the Netherlands, a percentage of civil servants also lend money and this target group seems to be attracted by this specially developed financial product. The creators of the Civil Service Loan even state that banks charge the lowest possible rate to civil servants, there would hardly be any arrears.

Loan without unemployment insurance.

Of course, a loan can be taken out without unemployment insurance. Most loan providers leave their borrowers free to choose whether or not to insure the loan. The contribution summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the possibility to insure loans against unemployment.

Loan without unemployment insurance – how much security is required?

Loan without unemployment insurance - how much security is required?

A loan without unemployment insurance is a loan for which no residual debt insurance (RSV) is to be taken out. Comprehensive insurance protection through the RSV has advantages for the borrower and the lender. The usual insurance cover includes the death of the debtor, the payment of an installment in the event of illness and unemployment. The borrower primarily protects himself and his family against unforeseeable life risks. For the lender, there are two benefits from signing an RSV. His credit risk is getting lower. The borrower has insured the most common reasons why repayment problems can arise.

The second advantage is the additional income. At the conclusion of the RSV, the lender acts as an intermediary. He receives a commission for this mediation service. The RSV has no disadvantages for the credit provider. The borrower bears the disadvantage of high costs. In his view, it is therefore a question of money whether he takes out a loan without unemployment insurance or not.

Avoid high costs for the RSV

Avoid high costs for the RSV

Nobody is forced to take out insurance cover together with the loan agreement. Up to 10 percent of the loan amount is not an unusual insurance premium when you take out an RSV. The risk is low, especially with small loan amounts and short terms. The money for the RSV can therefore be saved.

The fear of not finding a loan offer without an RSV is unfounded. All credit institutions listed in the credit comparison only offer residual debt insurance as an option. A simple cross in the right place in the online loan application precludes the insurance request. Favorable interest rates are of course still possible without an RSV.

Examples of credit without insurance coverage

Examples of credit without insurance coverage

Anyone who is afraid of an interest premium without RSV can make provision with interest offers that are independent of creditworthiness. In the case of credit offers that are independent of creditworthiness, the fixed interest rate applies equally to all borrowers. Without RSV, large amounts of credit that are financed over a long period of time should not be concluded without hesitation. But with a small loan, the risk is manageable. An affordable fixed-rate offer, even without an RSV, comes from Santander Bank, for example.

Santander offers loan amounts between USD 1,000 and USD 50,000 net loan amount. You can choose between 12 months and 84 months for the terms. Credit insurance is offered as an option, but is not mandatory. A net loan between USD 1,000 and USD 3,000 could be financed at particularly low interest rates. With a view to the lowest possible interest rate, a term of up to 36 months is optimally chosen.

The annual interest rate for this loan offer, which is independent of creditworthiness, is only 2.89 percent. Until September 30, 2013, the loan would be even cheaper without unemployment insurance. If you apply for 3,000 USDos together with a term of 36 months, the special offer offers an effective fixed interest rate of 2.78 percent.