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Cuts, years of crisis and lack of government aid have been musicians, theater companies, a documentary or film directors to try to get carry out their projects with the formula of collective financing (crowdfunding).

One such case is the Teatro de los Sentidos project, which has created a campaign on the Ulule platform with the aim of getting the 25,000 euros it needs to recover all its assemblies, such as   El Hilo de Ariadna , Oráculos , Memory of the wine and to adapt its space of presentations of Polvorín in Barcelona and turn it into the center of a stable program, at least during the first six months of 2018.

For this, this theatrical group will perform El Hilo de Ariadna in Barcelona from April 8 to 29, 2018, its work generating a language, through which they made themselves known all over the world.

Teatro de los sentidos

Teatro de los Sentidos is a collective of artists and researchers who work in multiple disciplines and come from different geographies of the world. For more than 25 years she has been dedicated to the search for meaning through the poetics of play, silence and imagination.

They consider the project as the necessary impulse to be able to begin a stable programming of their works and at the same time a support for the continuation of their work of formation and of approach to the community.

As rewards to the patrons , their names will be inscribed in the acknowledgments of the Mural del Sentir (located in the headquarters of Polvorín, in Barcelona) and in social networks. And they also offer tickets for the play El Hilo de Ariadna . In addition, you can obtain special pieces for this campaign such as the historic poster of the Theater of the Senses, or a copy of the Book Everything is already here although you can not see it, by Enrique Vargas. Also attend a rehearsal of the Thread of Ariadna or become a member of the Theater of the Senses.

In the page of Ulule they detail in which they will spend the 25,000 Euros that they hope to raise of the patrons, to which they will be added what they obtain by the courses and workshops that they distribute. So far, they have achieved just over 3,000 euros but they still have a month to finish the crowdfunding campaign.